25 Things you never thought you’d say...until you have a boy!

Boys are a whole different breed in themselves. Put a boy and a girl together and you’ll immediately see the difference. The boy is hurtling round at the speed of light, not bothering what will be knocked over, and the girl is happily sitting doing some drawing. Okay, so that’s a generalisation, but it’s often true. You do get the cool, calm and collected boys too but a lot of them you can’t even hold back with reins! Don’t worry we’re not suggesting that, but it’s like they’re driven by some internal motor. Even the quiet and sensitive boys get up to mischief now and again, it’s like it’s built into them, and they can’t help it. If you’re lucky enough to have a fairly low-energy, well behaved boy, enjoy! But, with boys comes things that you will say; things that you never thought you would say in a lifetime, but yet it happens and you’ll probably wonder where the heck it came from!
  1. ‘Do not lick your brother, because I said so.’ Yes, it happens.
  2. ‘Can you please put your willy away?’ Even stranger, it happens often!
  3. ‘Where are your pants?’ Boys quite like to be naked, if you haven’t gathered by the point above.
  4. ‘No, seriously, where are your pants? Go and put them on.’ This particular conversation could go on for a while.
  5. ‘No, you may not keep the raccoon as a pet, it is a wild animal.’ They will try and adopt all animals, so beware what comes into your house.
  6. ‘No, you don’t point guns at your mom, put it away.’ All we can say is thank goodness it’s not real!
  7. ‘Ummm, no thanks, I’d rather pass on biting your foot.’ Don’t ask why, it just happens.
  8. ‘Yes Optimus Prime is my favourite Transformer too.’
  9. ‘Can you please stop trying to take the microwave apart, you’ll get hurt.’
  10. ‘Why does it smell like peanut butter and hot dogs in here? What’s going on?’ Oh and the strange smells could get even stranger.
  11. ‘Of course you can be a dinosaur when you grow up!’ White lie alert, white lie alert!
  12. ‘Why do you need more lightsabers you’ve already got three?’ They will want a lot of lightsabers.
  13. ‘Where have all my tampons gone? No really, where are they.’ Blank stares, no one knows anything!
  14. ‘No mommies don’t have penises. But why? Just because.’
  15. ‘Who peed on the floor?’ This will also happen a lot, but there might be a bit more than just pee. Watch carefully where you tread.
  16. ‘Don’t pee in your toy truck. I’ve told you so many times before.’ They tend to pee a lot all over the place.
  17. ‘Oh wow that’s such a great achievement in your game.’ Smiles all round, and a healthy dose of enthusiasm. You have absolutely not a clue what they’ve just told you. Let’s just hope they don’t quiz you later.
  18. ‘Take your Dad’s underwear off your head right now!’ What is it about underwear that they love so much!
  19. ‘Stop eating your boogers. No, it’s not cool.’ You will say this a lot, as it just keeps on going regardless of what you say!
  20. ‘Don’t leave your banana peels on the ground and then try slip on them.’ Seriously where do they learn that?
  21. ‘Stop trying to stick your finger in your brother’s eye, it’s dangerous.’ Be prepared, they could try this again!
  22. ‘Can you please put your toothbrush back where it belongs and don’t leave it next to the toilet where you’ll probably pee on it.’
  23. ‘Stop putting boogers in your ear!’ Umm, just another strange habit of boys.
  24. ‘Can you please wear something else besides your Spider-man outfit today? It’s boiling outside.’ No matter what you say, they will be going out in that costume, hot or not and they might sleep in it too. You’ll have a challenge washing it!
  25. ‘Get your broccoli out of your nose.’ This is a common occurrence with anything that will fit there, especially vegetables, oh and probably some other household objects too. Keep a sharp lookout.
  There are our top 25 things you thought you’d never say! Do you have some to add? We’d love to hear from you!

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