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about margaux and may

Classic, but never old-fashioned

If a mama from centuries ago stepped into a nursery now, there’s not much she would recognize. Although electric swings, digital video monitors and wipe warmers make our lives easier, we could get by if they suddenly went away.

Then there are essentials tested by time and many happy babies. At Margaux & May, we delight in bringing the coziest swaddles, blankets and mattress pads to the newest generation. But even the best of traditions can stand for modern updates: By partnering with talented designers based in the United States, New Zealand and Australia, we offer original prints that parents will adore, too. (Keep those cameras ready.)

No detail is too small for the smallest family member

We hand-selected premium fabrics and durable dyes to ensure our products always look as good as the first time they were used to bundle up a sleepy newborn. For little ones, this means sheets and swaddles that soften with each trip through the washing machine. For parents, each Margaux & May product comes with the assurance it exceeds strict regulatory standards and is made to last.

In other words: As long as there is a baby in the home, our blankets will have you covered.