Softness baby will love. Sourcing parents will appreciate.

Woven with organic muslin fibers, our swaddle blankets are kind to the earth as well as your baby’s sensitive skin. Made to last and a large 47-inches wide, the blankets can also be used for swaddling and so much more—such as privacy covers, playmats, comfort blankets and superhero capes.

More reasons to love:

We work with designers in the United States and Australia to create unique, on-trend patterns. Printed with durable dyes, the colors maintain vibrancy through hundreds of trips through the washing machine.
Another reason to toss it in the washing machine? Believe it or not, our organic muslin cotton softens even more in time.
Thanks to the open-weave construction, muslin also has the magical ability to simultaneously eliminate overheating and ensure warmth.
Just about 4-feet wide, our versatile blankets are large enough to keep toddler toes covered, too.

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