Top Tips to set up the Perfect Nursery

Decisions, decisions; what color, what style, how to layout the room, what to buy, and what not to buy! But never fear we’re here to help you get your nursery sorted out! Here are our top tips to set up the perfect nursery.
  1. Design with yourself in mind

You want the perfect nursery of course, but one thing that expecting parents sometimes overlook is the fact that they’ll be spending a lot of time in there too.

In fact, it will probably be more like your room than your baby’s after you’ve done your eighth feed for the day and have changed more nappies than you can remember!

So when you’re planning your nursery, think about how you’ll be navigating your way around. You don’t want to be falling over tables, knocking the night light over or moving your baby from one side of the room to the other when you need to change them.

Try and place the crib away from the door so you can peek in if you need to and the changing table should be fairly close to the crib but also in easy arm-stretching distance of clothes and other essentials.

You don’t want to be a performing artist when trying to change or feed the little one. If you’re buying a glider, which you certainly should, make sure there’s a table and a light nearby, that you can’t knock over easily! The light should be soft; you don’t want to blind the neighborhood, let alone your baby when you turn it on in the middle of the night.

Make sure that everything is in reach of the glider so it’s ‘mom-friendly’. Another thing to consider is your back, which means think about the height of the changing table, the height of the crib, and also whether the glider you choose has back supported or not.

  1. Choose your theme

Now that you’ve got an idea of the layout, it’s time to have fun. You can literally choose anything you want; yellow or pink, green or blue, polka dots or animal prints, stripes or stars. The design world is your oyster. One thing to consider is longevity. You have a cute as a button crib now, but will there be space to change to a bed later on?

Also, think about when your little one has grown up a bit, will the theme still be relevant? Are you prepared to decorate again or do you want to keep it neutral? There is a trend emerging in designing nursery for subtle and stylish, which can last for ages. Quick tip! Choose your soft furnishings before you choose your paint…there is nothing worse than painting the room and then finding that nothing matches. You do not want to be painting all over again!

  1. Must have nursery items
Before you do anything, buy the must-haves and if you’ve got budget and space you can then think about the maybe’s that you’ve had your eye on.
  • Big ticket items

o A crib. Think longevity again and consider one with extra storage or a crib that magically morphs into a toddler bed later on down the line.

o Mattress. Make sure the mattress is firm and fits the crib nice and snug.

o Changing table. You don’t have to go out and get the smartest changing table on the block, but try and make sure there’s space on the table for everything you need, that everything is in easy reach and that you have a thick changing pad for resting baby on.

o Glider. We would strongly suggest this as a must-have to make feeding your baby easier and being kind on your back.

  • Small ticket items

o Baby monitor. Give yourself a bit of freedom to close your baby’s door and not have to check in every couple of minutes.

o Waterproof crib mattress protector. This will help to protect the mattress, unless you want to replace it in a couple of months of course. Make sure it’s durable, comfortable and breathable.

o Muslin blankets. No nursery is complete without muslin blankets. They are a must and can be used for swaddling or even covering up when you’re out and about breast feeding. They are lightweight and durable and last for ages.

o Other nursery items. Then there are the other essentials like a nightlight, bedding, blackout blind, nappies, clothing, feeding equipment and toiletries.  

If you follow these tips for setting up your nursery, you’ll be all set with a user-friendly and comfortable nursery for both you and baby and you’ll have all the gear needed to make life as simple as possible.

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