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Muslin Cotton Fitted Crib Sheet - Feather
baby fast asleep on crib sheet near window
baby asleep on fitted crib sheet side on
baby sleeping on side on top of crib sheet fitted
fitted crib sheet with baby in crib
crib sheet with baby arms out asleep
baby legs on top of fitted crib sheet
mattress with fitted crib sheet
underneath mattress with fitted crib sheet
feather crib sheet side on
crib sheet in box
Margaux & May

Muslin Cotton Fitted Crib Sheet - Feather

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Margaux & May's Muslin Cotton Fitted Crib Sheets are incredibly soft and secure for your baby's comfort. Designed to be used by all leading crib sizes, with our extra deep and secure elasticated fit.

Key benefits:

  • Measures 52" x 28" x 9" deep with a durable elasticated fit
  • The breathable open weave fabric keeps your baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Made from 100% muslin cotton the muslin fabric softens the more they are washed to ensure a beautiful, soft sleeping surface for your little one.
  • Unique, stunning prints - to complement the personality of your nursery.
  • Pre-washed for extra comfort.