butterfly designed swaddle blankets by Margaux & May
child in crib with butterfly swaddle hanging
butterfly swaddle hanging on crib
lifting butterfly muslin cotton swaddle
pointing to pink butterfly on the muslin swaddle
baby asleep with butterfly swaddle on top
blue butterfly swaddle close up
pink butterfly cotton swaddle up close
Margaux & May

Muslin Swaddle Blankets - Butterflies

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Our Muslin Swaddle Blankets are a must-have accessory for Moms. 

It's not often that you find style, practicality, and comfort all fused into one! 

But that's exactly what we've done at Margaux & May with our beautiful unique muslin swaddle blankets.

Key benefits:

  • These swaddle blankets have unique, original prints to suit your own unique style. The print designs are vibrant and bold and maintain their color withstanding multiple washes.
  • The muslin cotton fabric is extremely luxurious and soft; the more you wash it, the softer it gets.
  • Not only are these blankets used as a swaddle blanket, they also have many other uses too eg. Privacy cover, changing blankets, comfort blankets, play mats etc.
  • Our Swaddle Blankets are 120cm x 120cm/47" x 47" in size and are large enough to swaddle babies as well as being used during the day as a lightweight blanket.
  • The breathable muslin fabric allows for air flow and ultimate comfort.
  • The open weave eliminates over-heating but ensures warmth and comfort.